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Adam Lock


"My son Nick has been a student of the school for 7 years. ( he is now 13) I have to say that I have seen him grow through Mandarin Kung Fu with exceptional respect for the sport in theory and forms. The mutual respect between the students and staff is unlike any other school that I have seen or heard of. For young kids, this is the school for you becuase its not just about the color of the belt. Its about the life long lessons that are learned with each form and teaching. Individualised instruction is a huge component that I promise that you will not get at other places. Well worth the time and commitment. Just come and see for yourself. I will forever be grateful for what Nick has learned."






Ed Reiller


"Sifu, I would like you to know that I am having such an amazing journey and am getting so much out of being a part of your Mandarin Kung Fu Society. I am so proud that since I started training in the martial arts with you back in June of 2008 I have managed to lose an amazing 45 pounds! I feel more confident in myself, am happier and healthier than I have been in a very long time! I have no doubt that I was able to accomplish this thanks to your expert tutelage and encouragement to train hard. I can't thank you enough! You have such a great school! The people there are so friendly and helpful! I look forward to training hard in kung fu under your guidance for a long time to come."


John Fu


"First I must say it is an honor being part of Mandarin Kung Fu Society. To train by the side of a true master, (Sifu Norm Mandrino) is a great privilege. Over the many years of training beside him I have learned so much, oh but I have so much more to learn and so much room to grow. I hope all of you enjoy it and see the greatness in Sifu as I do. Training Kung Fu is an art, and should be to anyone whom is truly dedicated to the art, a life long journey. True excellence can not be achieved over night, but with a lot of hard work one can achieve many great benefits from Kung Fu. Many can learn so much from Sifu and your fellow instructors. Just remember to watch the movements when Sifu performs them, ask questions to clarify any question you may have, oh and practice, practice, practice. I hope as you read this message and scroll through this site you are doing it in the horse, :). As I sign off just remember to have fun while you train HARD, its worth every bit."


David Cobb


"When I first moved to Buffalo I already had many years of Kung-fu experience. Due to a couple of moves in my life I also had plenty of experience evaluating Kung-fu schools. It only took me 20 minutes of watching this school practice to conclude that it was built upon a rock solid foundation. Make no mistake, this is the real deal! If you like a good challenge, this is the school for you."


Paul Belanger


"Sifu Mandarino, I must say I have tremendous respect for you. Obviously, Master Wong's contribution cannot be overstated. Nonetheless, judging by your students, I think you have brought more students farther along than Master Wong did. When I was a student of Master Wong, there were, maybe 1-2 students practicing the techniques & forms being worked on by many students at your Friday & Saturday sessions. They were quite impressive, & you deserve much credit. Great job."

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