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adult kung fu class

Get in shape. Train your mind and body while learning to protect yourself.

Learn the basics of simple Self Defense

based on ancient techniques of the

Shaolin Temple Systems of Kung-Fu.


man in law enforcement unifom in front of yin yang and crossed bo staffs
man teaching youth kung fu class

We are offering beginning youth classes at special pricing for new students. These classes will be designed to give youths a vigorous kung fu workout. The emphasis will be on self defense, physical fitness & mental development.


Call for scheduling and age details.  



We offer a 10% discount to our Service Men,and Women, Law Enforcement  Personnel and Firefighters in great appreciation for the valuable services they provide to insure the freedom and safety of our country and community.

.  Kung fu is a valuable tool for law enforcement personal as it emphasizes realistic hand & foot techniques to combat physical confrontations. It is also a great way to deal with stress, develop mentally while getting into great physical shape. We presently have State Troopers, Border Patrol Agents & Policemen training with our school. They are a true testament to the value of our training.

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