All students begin their training at Mandarin Kung Fu as white sashes. A student never needs to compete for a promotion to further his knowledge. He receives new material as he progresses in his art. We do not have rank qualifications for our forms (katas) or drills. Therefore, a student who doesn't compete for promotions will not be held back from learning a form beyond his rank. He can learn everything in our system as his progress permits, but will not receive rank certification unless he tests for it.



The following is how our promotion system works: a student will be required to know & properly perform certain techniques and forms for each sash; (2) sparring using Mandarin Kung Fu techniques must be demonstrated. The depth and intensity level increase proportionately with each higher rank. We hold 3 promotions a year for adults.   promotions per year for youths. A youth cannot become a black sash until 18 years of age. The student must display exceptional skills and be able to compete on a par in all categories with adults. 


We do not charge any fees to test for promotions. There is no charge to advance to a higher degree, nor is there any charge if a student does not pass. A Black Sash earned at Mandarin Kung Fu can be worn with pride and dignity. The time & skill level required to earn a black sash at Mandarin Kung Fu, guarantees that it is deserved.


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