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A good way to figure out what your martial arts lessons actually cost is to multiply the number of hours you train per lesson by the amount of lessons you take each week, or month. Divide this number into your weekly or monthly cost to determine your actual cost per lesson.  For example: You are able to train 3 days per week & receive a 45 minute lesson each time you attend class.  The total is 3 forty five minute classes per week or 9 hours per month. A martial arts program costing $150 per month would cost you $16.67 per hour. 











Mandarin Kung Fu charges $128 per month

Youth & Child classes cost less

Family discounts available








You should equate how much of your class is dedicated to martial arts training versus stretching & fitness work. At Mandarin Kung Fu we devote 15 minutes to a kung fu warm up drill at the start of each class. The other hour & forty five minutes is dedicated to kung fu training.

You should also factor in promotion & testing fees, mandatory tournaments & seminars, plus all other costs that you may incur when testing for a higher rank. The cost of the belt, banquet fees, etc. should also be factored into the cost of your training.

There is no charge for testing at Mandarin Kung Fu. The only fee is the cost of your sash. You can go from White Sash to Black Sash for $400. That is your total cost for all of the sashes including Black Sash.

Another consideration that you should factor into the equation is who teaches classes. Is it the Master of the school, or are you regularly receiving instruction from low experienced black belts or youths?  Sifu Norman Mandarino instructs & actively participates in every class at Mandarin Kung Fu. We pride ourselves in producing excellent martial artists & you can be assured that our lower pricing is not a compromise in teaching quality; rather it represents an excellent value for our students.


This is emphasized by one of our standards:



Mandarin Kung Fu will never water down quality to enhance student enrollment.

chart of training costs for martial arts
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