Are We The School For You?


We offer traditional Kung Fu training for serious minded students willing to train hard to become good martial artists!

We accept students with or without a former martial arts background.


We offer:

  • traditional Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Training

  • self defense instruction

  • physical fitness

  • mental development

  • small classes

  • adult instructors

  • video analysis

  • private lessons for all new students at no extra charge

  • personal attention to all of our students

  • separate adult classes

  • separate youth classes

  • a one price policy (our entire curriculum is included with your weekly fee)

  • very low weekly rates

  • lower family rates (per person)

  • incentives from major insurance providers

  • separate clean changing facilities for men & women


We Do Not:

  • train in any art other than Mandarin Kung Fu

  • teach Martial Arts as a sport

  • accept students looking to use our art for illegal or destructive purposes

  • accept students looking for instant gratification in our art

  • contract our students

  • charge for testing. (see "Promotions" heading & one price policy)

  • promote unqualified students in order to extract promotion fees

  • promote children to black sash (see "Promotions:)

  • charge extra for special classes, such as weapons training. (see one price policy)



 Please see our section Choosing a Martial Arts School for more details.

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