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Leong Tin Chee ( Leung Tien Chiu) was born in 1877. He was the nephew of the Shaolin Monk Leong Sil Jung. Leong Sil Jung  was considered to be the highest monk of the Shaolin Temple when he set out from the temple to teach Kung Fu for the benefit of the people.


Leong Tin Chee who had practiced Kung Fu for over twenty years, always hoped that one day he would be able to study under his uncle, a true Shaolin Monk. Having learned that his uncle was teaching in Wong-Nam Province, he set out to find him. Upon visiting the school he found that his uncle (over eighty years old) had recently died. Hue Lung Gong, a disciple of Leong Sil Jong, decided to teach Leong Tin Chee his art to show his appreciation to Leong Sil Jong. Leong Tin Chee completed his training at age forty and returned home to his native village of Sum Kai, in Kwang-Sai Province.


Around this time, the government changed its policy from one of prohibiting Kung Fu to one of endorsing it. Kung Fu professors were required to appear before a government board and be tested. The government sent invitations for the National Central Kuo-shu Tournament and Examination. This tournament consisted of three events: weapons, forms, and free-sparring. Leong Tin Chee, at the age of 52, entered this tournament, and finished first place in the free-sparring competition. Also, he was the captain of the team which took third place overall in the competition.


Three years later, in 1931, Leong Tin Chee, at the age of 55 years old, entered a tournament in Nanjing in 1931 and won 2nd place in open class full contact Lei Tai fighting (no protective gear, and winner throws the loser off the stage).


Leong Tin Chee went from province to province, traveling to other Kung Fu schools to teach his art. One of the Schools that hired him was the Wong school of Hung Gar, Toy Gar, where Ting Fong Wong had the honor of learning from this great master. Leung Tin Chee taught throughout southern China until he passed away at the age of 95, on November 11, 1972. Other students of Leung Tin Chee who taught in the United States include: Wong Tim Yuen, and Lui Yon Sang.



black and white image of kung fu master Leong Tin Chee Leung Tien Chiu
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