Leong Sil Jong was born in 1826. At the age of 10, he began his journey to enlightenment by becoming a disciple of the Shaolin temple on the top of mount Slung-San in Honan Provance. During his 50 years of training in the Shaolin Temple, Leong Sil Jong became a master of both the northern and southern Shaolin systems taught there.


After 50 years of living in the Shaolin Temple, Leong Sil Jong decided to set out on a journey to spread his art through China. He felt that the knowledge he attained at the Shaolin Temple, instead of being a guarded secret of the priests, should be shared with the public, for the good of the people. Upon entering the province of Wong-Nam, Leong Sil Jong met a nobleman who pleaded with him to teach his son Kung Fu. The son's name was Hue Lung Gong, who was a frail and sickly boy. At first, the priest refused because he wanted to spread his knowledge throughout China, but when the nobleman offered to build a school for him, he relented. Leong Sil Jong was now able to teach not only the nobleman's son, but also the people of the village.





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